In 2020 the lockdown isolated Jeroen Krabbé in his studio, and a new series of paintings  was created there, which can best be described as studio portraits.

The design of the book matches the content perfectly. A photo of Jeroen Krabbé with his hands in his pockets looking out through the window marks the beginning: alone in the studio, closed off from the outside world. Photos of what you see when you are ‘locked up’: a table for paint tubes, shoes on the mat, a hammock and a jacket hung on the door. And as the final photo the artist has been chosen sitting in front of the open window. There is room again for air, freedom. Between the first photo and the last photo, the story is told in language and image. It provides an extremely accessible book about what it was like as an artist during the lockdown.
Quote from a review

This is the fifth catalogue we designed for Jeroen Krabbé: De ondergang van Abraham Reiss, Dum Vivimus Vivamus, Het Late Licht, Gedroomde Paradijzen

Text: Jasper Krabbé
Photos: Annemarieke van Drimmelen