A real pivotal point in the work of Jeroen Krabbé was the De ondergang van Abraham Reiss series from 2010. In these paintings, Jeroen Krabbé sets out the life story of his grandfather, who was killed in Sobibor. With this the painter seemed to have moved on from his penchant for landscapes. This impression was reinforced by Dum Vivimus Vivamus, in which Krabbé chose as a subject his own youth.
For Het Late Licht Krabbé returns to the landscape genre by painting the surroundings of his house in Dalfsen. But his approach has changed. The idyllic paradises of previous years are replaced by intense manifestations of light and colour. In 2019 we designed Gedroomde Paradijzen, the fourth catalogue in this series.

May 2017, Published by Waanders & de Kunst, including a discussion between Jeroen Krabbé and Ralph Keuning as chronicled by Frénk van der Linden and Pieter Webeling.