In the spring of 2010, Jeroen Krabbé completed a series of nine monumental paintings The fall of Abraham Reiss. Representing moments from the life story of his grandfather, Abraham Reiss, who had worked his way up to become a successful diamond trader in Amsterdam in the early twentieth century. He was to lose his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929. After the Germans invaded the Netherlands, Reiss was deported to Westerbork, together with other members of his family, and then to the extermination camp Sobibor. On his arrival there in July 1943, he was murdered.
Jeroen Krabbé based his paintings on letters and family histories, as well as books on the Holocaust and Sobibor.
In 2013 Jeroen asked us to design the catalogue for the serie Dum Vivimus Vivamus, in 2017we designed  Het Late Licht and in 2019 Gedroomde Paradijzen.

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition Jeroen Krabbé - De ondergang van Abraham Reiss in Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle.
5 September till 5 December 2010