In the Picture. Portraying the Artist 1850-1920

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Picking Up the Threads of Family Life

Amsterdam City Archives

Rapenburgerstraat 1940-1945

Amsterdam City Archives

In focus. Stories from the Palace

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Vincent van Gogh, 400 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Archives


History of Slavery. Trails in Amsterdam

Where Mokum is Home

JHM Children's Museum

Charles Despiau

Sculpteur mal-aimé

Anne Frank

Photos by Otto Frank

Rembrandt Caravaggio

The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum


Koninklijke PTT Nederland

Booming Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Archives

Jongens van Jan de Witt

De Nieuwe Kerk


International Association for Children in Museums

In Memoriam

Amsterdam City Archives

CBK Zuidoost

Slagroomtaart en slingers

Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Grenzeloos Geluid

Radio Documentary Festival

The first photos of Amsterdam

Amsterdam City Archives

Amsterdam! Ed van der Elsken, old photos 1947-1970

Amsterdam City Archives