In the 19th century painters made self-portraits to practice, experiment, or to set out their identity. They also made portraits of one other, often as a token of friendship. The image we know of Vincent van Gogh for example – the man with the red beard and intense expression – has been primarily shaped by his self-portraits. However, in the 21st century, the identity of the visitor in front of the painting has become equally important in an exhibition. Museums all over the world are now redefining their canon and searching for new ways to connect with their visitors.

This inspired us to make an open and modern design for this exhibition portraying the artist. Not only are you looking at the portraits, the portraits are also looking at you. Walking around, you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirrors. Because in this era where everybody takes selfies, every visitor is an expert on self portraits. We constantly think about how we present ourselves: what do we show of ourselves? What not? Such considerations are of all times.

21 february - 24 May 2020
Photo's: Michael Floor