The publication in conjunction with the Where Mokum is Homes exhibition in the JHM accompanied the temporary exhibition prior to the permanent JHM Children’s Museum. The exhibition was designed in the form of a house, with something to see and do in each room. For example, children could learn to write their names in Hebrew, bake matzas in the kitchen or blow into a shofar. The key theme in the house was ‘handing down’ – the handing down of traditions is an essential element in every culture, with each generation learning from the previous ones.
The lay-out of the book follows that of the exhibition in a playful manner – each tab page revealing a ‘room’ containing information and assignments.
In Mokum staat een huis was awarded the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Museumprijs 2002.

Publication accompanying the temporary Children's Museum
Joods Historisch Museum
25 juni 2000 t/m 2 oktober 2005