‘What should people remember us by 100 years from now?’ 66 third-year MAVO students at Berlage Lyceum in Amsterdam sought to find out what they consider important to their generation and what should be preserved for the future. The students researched cultural heritage and connected it to their own identity. The students expressed their own feelings, experiences and ideas about their generation in a Top 40 across four themes (Icons, Fashion & Appearance, Dreams & Ideals and Life in Amsterdam). With the help of professional artists they translated this Top 40 into 40 posters which were exhibited in the Amsterdam City Archive.  After the exhibit, the 40 posters were transferred to the Amsterdam City Archives. They are accessible online through the image database.
I am Gen Z  got the Amsterdam City Archive in touch with the Gen Z  youth in Amsterdam, thereby facilitating a diverse and authentic addition to the existing archive, collected and created by the youth themselves.

An Arts Education Project in coöperation with Iris van Oosten
AHK | Arts education Master | May 2019
Photos: Bas Uterwijk