The literal meaning of haggadah is ’the story’. In particular it signifies the story of the exodus from Egypt that plays a key role in the Seder meal, which takes place on the first two evenings of Pesach (the Passover). The book – which describes the story of the liberation in the form of questions and answers, expressions of praise, and in songs – is called the Haggadah.
Commissioned by the Jewish community Beit Ha’Chidush, we designed this special issue of the Haggadah, consisting of three versions – a small portable Haggadah for children, a Haggadah for a Seder lasting 1½ hours, and a Haggadah supplemented by detailed comments on and explanations of hidden meanings.
The unique aspect of this publication lies in the typographical challenge of getting the Dutch, English and Hebrew texts – as well as the transcription – to run in parallel on the pages, as well as with the music running through it.

Illustrations: Sam Drukker
Printed by: SSP, Amsterdam
Photos: Joost Guntenaar