The exhibition Breitner, Israels and contemporaries in the Amsterdam City Archives showed Amsterdam around 1900 as a rapid growing city. Trade and urban expansions give the city dynamism again. The activity attracts artists such as George Hendrik Breitner, Isaac Israels, Piet Mondriaan and Leo Gestel. Their watercolor and pastels sketch a beautiful picture of the  timeless beauty of Amsterdam.

The exhibition was postponed several times due to the Covid pandemic. As we slowly ended up in a non dynamic world of ’transparent screens’ and ‘keeping distance’, we decided to match this with the design. The set-up of the exhibition was spacious, and the texts placed on overlapping colored perspex plates creating a connection between the sparkling shades of watercolor and pastels and a world in lockdown.

Amsterdam City Archives, curated by Jan Frederik Heijbroek
2.3.21 – 30.05.2021
Photo's: Bas Uterwijk