March 17, 2020, the San Francisco Bay Area, went into quarantine. As an artist Kirk Crippens felt he needed to respond to this pandemic but wasn’t quite sure how. Using a Polaroid 250 Land camera and a pack of peel-apart pack film that had been preserved in his refrigerator for years, waiting for the right moment, he simply began creating photographs. This rigged camera and funky film felt just right, he couldn’t really control the results.
Later in the project he added color photographs, made with a medium format camera on a tripod. In these formally made photos he started to shoot offices that were empty due to the stay at home order.
In this podcast he talks about this project that resulted in the book So Long, designed by us. In the second half of the podcast Victor Levie  joins Kirk Crippens to talk about the design.

Other books by Kirk Crippens:
Live Burls
Going South Big Sur

Marit van der Meer, 2021
Music: Van Morrison - Tell me what you want (Instrumental)
Leon Bridges - So Long