Otto Frank was an enthusiastic and talented amateur photographer whose photos were dedicated to just one theme: the lives of his daughters Anne and Margot.
The photos reveal absolutely nothing of the atrocities that Anne Frank and her family members would be forced to go through. At the request of the Anne Frank Foundation, we put together a travelling exhibition and  the accompanying publication, in which we made sure that the intimacy of the family photos was preserved.

Awarded the bronze medal for Finest book in the world 2004.

‘A modest book that gradually opens itself up to the readers. The typography and photos in black and brown complement each other perfectly. The cover, devoid of any text, immediately arouses the curiosity. Both the design and the production have been executed at the highest level; from the brown threads used for the binding, to the application of partial printing lacquer.’
Jury report ‘Finest book in the world 2004’.

Composition, foreword and design Victor Levie
Anne Frank Foundation
Photos: Joost Guntenaar