The Argentinian photographer Lorena Guillen Vaschetti ’s mother decided that throwing away all family slides was a big favour to her, as Lorena and her mother were the only members left of a big Italian family.  Lorena had the chance to recover only a box containing some slides, metallic cans and small pieces of paper describing the destinations of the family’s trips and other details, made before she was born. There were others that had been carefully tied with elastic bands and papers, or they were inside closed metallic cans. She was even more interested in these.
She decided to let the tied up slides, the small metal cans and the pieces of paper speak to her not from the content of the images themselves but from the questions they were posing her. She never opened them.

I just bought a copy of Historia, memoria y silencios…oh how I love it! What a beautifully designed book with equally engaging images. Well done on a fantastic book!
Tricia Hoffman, Photolucida.