Photographs taken by the German photographers-in-exile Annemie Wolff-Koller (1906-1994) and Helmuth Wolff (1895-1940). In 1933 the couple fled from Munich to the Netherlands as Helmuth was Jewish. The exhibition and the catalogue Almost lost in History, Rediscovering the Photography of Annemie and Helmuth Wolff show their successful career as photographers and how they played an innovative role in Dutch photography. When German forces invaded the Netherlands in May 1940, Helmuth and Annemie attempted suicide. Helmuth died, while Annemie’s life was saved. She carried on with her photography. Particularly remarkable are portraits of 440 people, many of them Jewish, whose photographs Annemie Wolff took in 1943 and whose stories are now told byTamara Becker and Ann Huitzing in Op de foto in oorlogstijd, which we also designed.

Lecturis 2017
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition 'Almost Lost in History rediscovering the Photography of Annemie and Helmut Wolff' in the National Holocaust Museum
March 2017 – September 2017